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Healings of HIV/Aids and terminal illnesses, and the dead raised!

There are numerous reports around the world of the power of God operating through prayer in the name of Jesus Christ happening today. God wants to reveal Jesus Christ as the only way to Heaven through a demonstration of who He is with the operation of signs, wonders, and miracles. These are just a few of many examples from some of the world's evangelistic ministries, and you can expect regular updates too because "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13: 8 (KJV) If you want to see more reports of God's miraculous interventions then check out more of our pages. The evidence for Jesus Christ is truly overwhelming and demands a profound choice for each one of us!

Ethiopian Lady Ex-Muslim Raised From The Dead
Footage from The 700 Club about Fatuma Shubisa

Pastor Raised From The Dead!

This miracle occured at a crusade of evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's Christ For All Nations Ministries.

This is the death certificate of a man subsequently raised from the dead through the power of Jesus Christ as a result of the prayer of faith.

(For source material refer to the CFAN website and On November 30, 2001 Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu's brakes failed and his car slammed into a concrete pillar. He had had an argument with his wife that had arisen as a result of a misunderstanding. He was rushed to a Nigerian hospital. His condition was very serious.

For some reason, Daniel wanted doctors to transfer him to another hospital. The doctors warned that the trip would kill himand they proved to be accurate. Daniel's wife remembers her husband's dying words.

"My husband called to me and told me that I should take care of the children and the ministry. He said he had built a house for me, and that I should not worry. I should take care of everybody. He said that there are some people who are called to go quick (to die early) and that he was among them," Ekechukwu said.

Daniel died on the way to the second hospital. He was rushed to a Nigerian clinic where Dr. Josse Annebunwa was working.

"I was told he was involved in a motor accident in Onitsha, Nigeria. When I examined him, I looked at the chest and there were no respiratory movements. I listened with the stethoscope and there were no breath sounds. I searched the heart and cardiovascular system, but there were no sounds. The patient had no pulse. I looked at the eyes - the pupils were fixed and dilated. I came to the conclusion right away that the patient was dead and that he should be removed to the mortuary," Annebunwa said.

Mortician Barlington R. Mann remembers when Daniel's father and wife brought his body into the mortuary.

"There was no life in him, no heartbeat, and no signs of breathing," said mortician Barlington R. Mann. "I accepted him as a corpse. After checking these things, I checked all around the body and everything was stiff. That is what gave us the conviction to start our embalming procedure. I sent him into the second room and put him on the last slab."

For three days, Daniel's body lay there, in the embalming room which was open-air. During that time the body was prepared for burial including embalming. While they waited for the funeral, Daniel's wife began to argue with God.

"I began to call on the name of the Lord. I wanted to remind God of His promises," she said. "One verse that inspired me was Hebrew 11:35: 'Women received their dead bodies to life.' The moment I read this verse it strengthened me to hold God firm and act."

Three days after Daniel's death, his wife decided to act in faith. She had heard about a meeting nearby where miracles were occuring, a Reinhard Bonnke service. She went to collect her husband's body.

"Before I could come they had the casket ready," she said. "The moment they put him in I ran inside the ambulance with my son and his brother, and we started coming down to this place. And I asked somebody if Bonnke had come."

Within a short time they arrived at the Reinhard Bonnke service, and asked if they could bring Daniel's body in for prayer.

"I felt that the anointing would be so strong there and that the anointing would resurrect my husband," Daniel's wife said.

"They came up to me and I told them that it would be an embarrassment to bring a corpse inside a church," said one of the workers at the Bonnke service. "We realized that whatever we do and wherever we are God is present. If God wants to perform a miracle for the man, the place where the man is does not really matter."

They carried Daniel's dead body into the basement where the service was being held. They laid his body across two tables, and several pastors began praying for him.

"As we were praying," said one of the pastors, "suddenly we saw the eyes started to move and life started coming in. I said to my friend, Pastor Luke, 'You know, they say that he was three days in the mortuary. Let us massage him.' So he was there, massaging the right hand. And I was massaging the left hand. We were squeezing it, making sure that life returned. We found out that as we were praying the heart started to become hot. He was breathing, and we started massaging the hands. As we massaged the hands suddenly it seemed that life came into the hands, and we put his hands on his chest. I massaged the neck and life came into it. I was able to turn it."

The pastors around him continued to massage his body because after three days in the mortuary, rigor mortis had set in. As they were doing this, suddenly Daniel jumped to his feet to the amazement of every onlooker! The pastors were unsure what to do next.

"I said let's take him upstairs, and we followed the stairway upstairs. At the end of the step he said, 'water, water.' He was asking for water. I shouted, 'Bring water, bring water, lets get him water!' People thronged and suddenly we saw people coming from the outside. It seemed that the news went out and people came in. People came in and they saw the dead man sitting down."

Daniel had been raised from the dead!

His resurrection account spread quickly. Subsequently, Daniel began to share about his experiences during death. He spoke about a journey with an angel who allowed him to visit both heaven and hell.

"He told me we are going to visit paradise," Daniel said. "So we visited a place. When we approached the place I saws multitudes of people that looked exactly like the one with me, that angel that was with me. The angel with me wore white apparel. The body was pure white. The apparel was pure white, but the apparel did not look removable from the body. When I saw this crowd they looked exactly like the one with me. In my heart I said, ' look at where the angels gather.'"

"After that he then said, 'Let us go and visit the mansion that Jesus promised.' He (the angel) now took me to a wonderful place. In fact, what I saw there, I do not have any words to describe it. It was so glorious. It was a very wonderful mansion. You could look at the building and it would look like glass or look like gold or whatever. Even the flowers there looked like gold.

"Then the angel said, 'Now let us visit hell.' In the twinkle of an eye, we found ourselves in the place. Immediately the gate opened. I started hearing lamentation. So I looked inside and I saw people like us here. They were putting on some clothes.

They had the same flesh; some are black and some are white. They just looked like us. They were shouting - there was a lot of pain, a lot of torment. It was to the extent that immediately when the gate was opened, it was if they were seeing me.

They were asking me for help, shouting. And I remember one. He was shouting. 'I am a pastor, I only stole church money and I am ready to refund it immediately.' He just said he was ready to refund it and that I should help. There was a force that was tormenting them. I never saw any fire there and I never saw any flames in hell, but the torment there looks as if the people are inside fire.

At that point the angel declared something to Daniel that caused him to experience fear. He told Daniel that he deserved to be in hell too!

"So while I was shouting and asking the angel for help, that I have another chance to go back, he mentioned this: that the request of the rich man in hell had been granted to this generation. I did not understand it.

It was later, when I woke up and read the Bible, that I realized what the request was. The rich man (in Luke 16) was requesting, that a dead man should be sent back to the world. So he just said that the request of the rich man had been granted to this generation for the last warning. He said to me that he is giving me an opportunity to go back for the last warning to this generation," Daniel said.

Daniel continues to testify of his experiences to warn people about Hell, and show them the reality of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

The following miracles occured through Benny Hinn Ministries.

Richard Steel's Testimony

I testify that God healed me of eczema through Benny Hinn Ministries. In 1998 while watching a "This Is Your Day" broadcast Pastor Benny called out a skin condition of a young man being healed by God. At the time I was on vacation in Victorville, California. I was having severe eczema problems, and found it difficult to avoid incessantly scratching my body to ease the severe discomfort I was in. I claimed the healing word for myself and the eczema went away to the point where I no longer needed to apply the special cream. It was truly God's touch on my life. I was also touched by God when I was in the studio audience of "This Is Your Day." Pastor Benny called out that God was filling someone with His Spirit beautifully. At that moment the power of God surged through my body like a powerful electricity, and yet it didn't cause me physical pain. I have been a sceptic at times, and I know beyond any doubt that what happened was supernatural, and moreover, it was the power of God through Jesus Christ. I have also been to a number of miracle crusades lead by Pastor Benny Hinn, and I have seen a number of people healed of life threatening illnesses and disabilities some of which are documented on his ministry website. Jesus is real. Without Him as Lord and Saviour we have no hope for the life to come. These miraculous interventions testify of God's love for each one of us as He is no respector of persons, and our need to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. As we become aware of these testimonies, if we choose to reject Christ, then we can have no excuse when we die.

Video testimonies of Healings At A Benny Hinn Crusade In Venezuela

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